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Starting August of 2020, StarGazer Enterprise is partnering with the City of Oakland via the Lao Family Youth Employment Development Program to mentor and coach Oakland youth and help prepare them for their future careers. 

Our youth learn how to manage our Social Media and Market campaigns, Finances, Research and Business Development efforts.  To our amazement, many bring well developed skills.

As the interns help with our needs, all interns complete assignments to develop career 
decision making skills to make better choices regarding career options.  We teach them market
research skills to identify their competition, salary goals and others they may 
want to emulation.  They also learn business and entrepreneurial skills to help them 
understand how the work they perform contributes to the company's goals, strategy
and objectives.

Meet our 2020 Interns (Details Coming soon)

Intern’s Name |School Currently Attending | Major | Anticipated College Graduation Date

MAI | Jr at San Francisco State University |Communications | ~2022

JHQ | Freshman at UC San Diego | Economics | ~2024

TJ |Jr at Envision High | Civil Engineering | Howard University College | ~2026

TK | Jr. at UC Davis | Sociology Major / Psychology Minor | ~2022

DL | Chabot Community College | Communications | ~2024

SL | Jr. UC Berkeley | Nutritional Science | ~2022

MM| Sr. at Oakland High School | Engineering | TBD

JN | Soph at Berkeley Community College | `2021

AGN | TBD | Cosmetology | TBD

PV | Berkeley High School | Medicine | ~ 2024

FW | Freshman at California State University- Easy Bay | Bio Chemistry | 2024

ZYW | Jr. at Skyline High School | Computer Science | 2026

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